Friday Open Comments: What’s On Your Mind?

11 12 2009

Photo Credit: eschipul (Creative Commons)

It’s Friday! Belly up to the bar and tell us what’s on your mind. What are you excited about this weekend? What has you down? Drink any good beers lately? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Any ideas for future blog posts?




5 responses

11 12 2009
Neil Hatefuture

Really like the blog so far! I’m going to try and find Aventinus today during my errands.

One thing that I would like to see is a regular article about budget beers for us unemployed folk.

11 12 2009

That is a great idea, Neil! I drank a lot of budget beers this summer. I think a double blind taste test would be really fun.

11 12 2009

Here’s what’s on my mind: What can one do with a botched batch of home-brew? Greg and I made a batch a while back that has some bizarre overtones, probably due to wild yeast exposure. It’s not the most drinkable, but it seems like a waste to just dump it all down the sink. My dad suggested beef stew (apparently the beef covers any weirdness in the flavor.) Ideas anyone?

11 12 2009

ooh…Ed. That is rough. Beef stew is a great idea. But five gallons of funky beer is hard to deal with. If it is funky rather than spoiled, I would say bottle it and wait a few months, it may mellow out or you could blend it with future batches. I would like to give it a try.

13 12 2009

Ed, you can also always do what we did with our first batch of (awful!) homebrew, use it as a drain cleaner!

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