2009 Beers in Review-Best Beer #5

14 12 2009

Here we are folks, on the hump. Halfway done! These are five excellent beers and I hope you can track them down and try them.

Oskar Blues 10-FIDY- Oskar Blues Grill and Brew Lyons, CO

Imperial Stout

Rate Beer Score: 100 Points

Photo Credit: ratebeer.com

What I love about should be evident by the picture to the right. It comes in a can. It is a 100 point beer that comes in an aluminum can. When I bring some one an Oskar Blues can for the first time, they are often skeptical. Popular believe runs that no good beer comes in a can. However, this is not true. There are a lot of things we would not like to drink from cans. In fact, the only truly acceptable thing to drink from a can is soda.

But Oskar Blues is out to change that. They make really excellent beers in a can. We plan to go more in depth on the pros of beer in a can in a future entry. But the run down is this: beer in a can is more protected from sunlight and oxygen, cans hold carbonation better, they are easier to chill and easier to pack, they are less likely to break or explode.

In short: whatever goes into a can, comes out the same way. If the only beers you ever had out of a can were not so good, well then, it stands to reason that you don’t think any good beers come out of a can.

Oskar Blues makes excellent beer. And they all come out of cans (especially if you want to think of kegs as giant aluminum cans). Here is an excellent video from about four years ago of their brewery.

I have been really digging Imperial Stouts lately. With the cold, dark, months here, having something thick, dark and boozy in my belly is a great way to keep warm. I especially love the 10-FIDY.

It pours like motor oil, thick and heavy. This is a beer that is no rush to get anywhere. The head is minimal but bold. It looks that the froth of a chocolate milkshake. It is quick to dissipate but retains enough head to give some lovely lacing along the glass. This beer is black. No highlights. No sparkle. This beer absorbs light and does not let go.

The aroma is earthy. Chocolate, coffee, malt, oats, vanilla are all apparent right off the bat. Deeper down, one gets nice biscuit roastiness, fresh soil, and moss.

The mouthfeel is exquisite! It is rich and velvety smooth. It lingers for ages. It is thick and chewy. There is nothing thin or watery about this beer. This is a great beer for being somewhere warm and cozy where you don’t have to go anywhere for a while. I chewed on this one for a while. It is like a beer milkshake.

The palate is rich and dense. On the front end, one gets maltball, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, oak and then a strong but round bitterness on the back end. Not surprising, this beer has an amazing 98 IBUs! That is the equivilent of some big IPAs. But that back end of bitterness works to balance the super sweet front end.

One beer is all you need. Not only is this big heavy and thick, it packs a whopping 10% ABV. It is guarenteed to help you forget the coldness outside.

I love this beer. I can’t really pair this with food since it is a meal all to itself. To try and pair this with food would only clash with whatever is being served. I would serve it as dessert after a roast with potatoes.

This beer is a seasonal. So get it while it lasts, or else you are going to have to wait until next October. It is pricey, at 12$ a four pack, each can comes out to be 3$. So do yourself a favor and pour this in a glass. Sit with some one you love and savor this beer through the long, cold night.




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