Monday Beer News Round Up

14 12 2009

Houston, TX– This week, at the American Association for Cancer Research Conference, a new study showed that a chemical compound found in hops could help prevent certain types of cancer–particularly cancer of the prostate. If more research is needed, I would be happy to volunteer.

Milwaukee, WI– The brewery where Pabst Blue Ribbon and Schlitz is made is currently for sale. It appeared like German brewer Hofbrauhaus was in the market to purchase it until early last week when the deal fell through. PBR is currently owned by a corporate trust. They need $300,000,000 in order to save the brewery. They have decided to use the power of the Internet and crowdsourcing to raise the money. For a donation of $5, one can become an honorary owner of the brewery. Just visit As of now, they have earned over $45,000 toward their goal.

Breckenridge, CO- Breckenridge Brewing Company announced they will be releasing a series of ads spoofing the decades old campaign from local mega-beer producer, Coors. The ad resembles a familiar one from coors, in which the brewer walks through the mountains saying they get their water from rocky mountain springs–but not this particular spring, because, you know, bears piss in there.

New York City- Two New York Giants fan through beer bottles at Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles after he scored a touchdown. No one was hurt.

Westchester, IL– A man wanted for allegedly stealing a twelve pack of beer was caught by following a trail of beer cans.




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