2009 Beers in Review-Best Beer #3

16 12 2009

Yesterday, I wrote about the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and the wonderful trip my friends and I had in Delaware last spring. Today’s beer is also from that trip.

The Midas Touch Golden Elixir- Dogfish Head Berwery Milton, DE

Photo Credit: inventorspot.com

Traditional Ale

Rate Beer Score: 88 Points

Not only is Dogfish Head an innovator in extreme beers, but they have been doing excellent work reconstructing traditional brewing techniques.

Of all the interesting techniques they have been exploring, Midas Touch really takes the cake on this one. Based off the residue found in the bottom of a 2700 year old vessel found in King Midas’ tomb, this beer attempts to be what the man with golden touch would drink.

This beer combines malted barley, muscat grapes, honey and saffron. Technically this is a beer. However it could also be considered a mead (an alcoholic drink made with honey), a braggot (mead with malt), a pymot (mead with grapes), or a methligin (spiced mead). Actually, it is kind of all of the above.

This beer pours smooth and clear. A nice bronze color with lots of bright sparkle. The head is thin and dissipates quickly. Of the top, the nose picks up bright honey and saffron notes.

The flavor is sweet and crisp. Traditional white wine flavors are present- honey, sour apple, melon, and passion fruit. The mouthfeel is dry at the end. Hops are present but subtle. Which makes sense since it only has 12 IBUs. They help with the dry feeling at end.

There is a slight boozy taste to it, due to its 9% ABV. One or two of these poured in a white wine glass would be a very pleasant evening. And that is not too difficult to do, either. This beer is in wide distribution and will run you about $15 for a four pack.

The Dogfish Head website recommends drinking this with chicken, fish, pan-Asian food, and risotto. I would agree. But personally, I would pair this with lemon chicken on a bed of saffron rice, plain naan and simple cucumber salad with yogurt dressing.

This is a lovely beer. And if you ever come across some one who says “I don’t drink beer. I only drink wine,” get them a bottle of this right away. They are certain to love it (if not, you can finish it for them).




One response

7 02 2010
Dominus Maximus

Having actually tried this brew, I can actually back most of this up. Admittedly, I’m not the expert on brews that you are, but hot damned if The Midas Touch wasn’t worth the money I spent on the 4-pack ($13 at BevMo). I wish I had tried it with dinner, instead of just by itself; the experience probably would have been much better. All in all, a neat look at science and the results of traditional brewing.

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