Holiday Gift Giving Guide

16 12 2009

We have a week and a half until Christmas. Hanukkah is half way over. You are quickly running out of time to get gifts for the beer drinker in you life. If you need some ideas, let us help you out.

Free: Brewery tours. Breweries often give free tours to customers. Often a half hour in length, the beer lover in your life and see the actual location where their favorite beer is being made. Most breweries will also include a free tasting sample at the end. Check and see if there is a taphouse offered and buy them a round of drinks and some dinner for a fun filled and inexpensive day of beer.

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$5-10: A wine key. I was a boy scout growing up. I love my swiss army knife for all sorts of occasions. That is why I also bring the wine and beer drinkers’ swiss army knife: the wine key. Every good waiter will carry one. And every beer lover should have one, just in case. They open bottle caps and pull out corks. They cut foil, boxes and plastic rings. And they go just about any where. One can find them at any house wear store. Mine has a “soft grip” for comfort. Some people swear by their “dual hinge.” Try out the feel of different types.

$10-15: Beer! Grab a four, six or twelve pack of your friend or loved one’s favorite beer (or maybe just one, special bottle). Or help them try something new. Maybe they have been dying to try a new beer but could never actually justify the cost to their self. There is nothing like beer for a beerlover.

$15-20: Beer books. There are many excellent books on beer out there. Anything by The Beerhunter Michael Jackson is great. Randy Mosher has a brand new book called Tasting Beer that I just love. And Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewing Co. has an excellent book about beer and food called The Brewmaster’s Table.

$20-50: Beer glasses. Much like wine, each type of beer has its own glass. A proper beer glass will accentuate the aroma and taste of the beer. Tulip pints are for stouts while Belgians should have chalices. Ales should have a simple pint while pilsner glasses are used for lagers. If your beer lover has only one type of glass, they might appreciate some new ones.

$150-200: Brewers kit. Three comes a point in which a beer drinker thinks, “Hey! I should make my own beer.” I know, I have been brewing for almost five years now. Basic brewing kits come in all types. Just whatever you do, don’t get them a Mr. Beer kit. Mr. Beer is not brewing. Mr. Beer is to brewing as Velveeta and shells are to macaroni and cheese.

Several hundred dollars: Join the beer of the month club. With packages starting at $20 a month (+S&H) all the way to $70 a month (+S&H), your beer lover will receive 12 rare and hard to find bottles a month in the mail.

Thousands of dollars: Beer themed getaway. This is similar to the brewery tour gift. But instead of going to your local brewery, you go to a far away one. San Francisco, San Diego, and Milwaukee are all known for their brewing culture. You could plan a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. Or head to Dublin to visit the Guinniss Store House. I, for one, would love to go to Michigan to see Bells and Founders (in case anybody is stuck for ideas.)




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