Just Look at This Periodic Table of Beer Styles!

9 01 2010

Just look at it!

Full Size

I’ve seen a number of these floating around. And I cannot find any one claiming to have the original. We have a shirt with one of these at The Brickskeller. But it is nowhere as complete as this one.

I don’t really find any fault with it, per se. I initially thought the lagers should go first. But in hindsight, I don’t think that makes much of difference since they have categorized by Gravity instead of SRM. But that is just a style choice for me. I also think it falls apart in the Belgian categories. I am not sure why they put Triple as “6” and Dubbel as “43” unless they were attempting for some sort of SRM continuity that was not necessary. However,  I like the little touch of outlining the boxes in the SRM. I also am a bit disappointed there is no space for Quads, Double IPAs or American Pale Ales.

One would need a pretty good quality color printer in order to have one around where ever you go. But overall, I give it a big thumbs up!

Update! The Zythophile wrote about this a while ago with more a few more choice words than my own on the idea of a periodic table of beer.




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