Monday News Round Up

11 01 2010

Amsterdam, The Netherlands- Heineken NV continues its bid for world domination by offering $7.7 Billion to purchase Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB (FEMSA), the second largest brewer in Mexico and brewer of Dos Equis. Mexico is the world’s forth most profitable beer market in the world. Products made by FEMSA are sold in Mexico, The United States and much of Central America. Heineken beat out American company, SABMiller who said that the nearly $8 Billion was not worth it to the company. This deal is hot on the heels of a recent agreement to bring Heineken to India and South East Asia–a growing beer market. The deal was completed by press time.

Tacoma, WA- A Takoma-based blood center has made a deal with the local brew pubs and breweries, “Give a pint of blood, receive a pint of beer.” Any eligible candidate who gives a pint of blood, receives a coupon for a free pint of beer.

Maryland Heights, MD- Anheuser-Busch has announced their new low calorie beer, Budweiser Select 55. The new beer apparently has 45 calories fewer than their previous lite beer and claims to be the lowest calorie beer on the market. No word yet on how the taste has fared in test markets. But A-B is confident of their product.

Indianapolis, IN– A new law in the Indiana Statehouse would reduce the number of blue laws in the state. Currently, alcohol is not allowed to be sold by liquor stores or grocery stores on Sundays or Election Days. The bill would allow brewpubs and microbreweries to sell their product on Sundays and Election Days. But opponents of the bill wish to strengthen the blue laws by making it illegal to sell cold beer from any venue on Sunday.

Orange County, CA- Two men were sentenced on Monday for breaking into the home of an FBI agent in order to steal his beer. Neither men knew the home owner was a law enforcement officer until caught by the home owner himself. They fled without any beer but were caught after the home owner shot the tires of the would-robbers’ get away vehicle.




One response

14 01 2010
Sarah C.

I love that one of the OC beer burglars is Justin Case.

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