Monday News Round Up

18 01 2010

Lueven, Belgium- In response to a statement made last week by Anheuser-Busch ImBev concerning 10% lay offs, workers at the Lueven brewery have gone on strike. The brewery is the home of Stella Artois and Leffe. With no new beer being produced and no old beer being shipped out of the brewery, Belgium faces a shortage of their most popular beers. There is no sign as of press time of when the strike will end. This strike will not affect American or Canadian markets as ImBev has breweries all over Western Europe and The United States.

Monterrey, Mexico- The deal to sell Mexico’s second largest brewery (FEMSA) has been completed. Heineken NV will pay $7.7 million to FEMSA and will assume all of its debt. In return, Heineken NV will gain a large foothold of the Mexican beer market and will begin brewing Heineken and Newcastle along side of Tecate, Dos Equis and Bohemia.

Cambridge, England- Local brewer, Greene King, brewed a commemorative beer to mark the 800th anniversary of the Cambridge University’s founding. Called “1209”, the beer is modeled after a medieval beer that the school’s founding monks would have brewed and consumed. Sold at local pubs and at the student union, 5% of all the proceeds went to the school’s charitable foundation which goes to building schools in Africa. £3,373 ($5,510.47) were raised for the foundation.




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