Monday News Round Up

25 01 2010

Brussels, Belgium– International brewer, InBev, has struck a deal to end the strike and blockade at their Stella Artois, Leffe, and Hoegaarden breweries throughout Belgium. The strike, which started after word of layoffs was announced, caused a national shortage of Belgium’s three most popular beer varieties. The strike ended on Jan. 22nd and negotiations around the firings restarted on the 23rd.

Copenhagen, Denmark– Belgian brewers weren’t the only ones to strike this month. In Denmark, employees at the Carlsberg brewery went on strike on Friday, January 22nd, after hearing there would be no raises for workers. The strike was lifted on Sunday.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti– A man trapped in rubble caused by the earthquake in Haiti survived for eleven days by living off of “biscuits (cookies), coca-cola, and beer.” Wismund Exantus, 24, was working at his grocery store when the earthquake destroyed the building. He survived under the rubble by eating and drinking what ever he could find.

Birmingham, Alabama– Buoyed by recent successes in Washington State and Utah, local homebrewers and craft brewers are pushing the state to raise the cap on ABV in Alabama. An organization called Free The Hops is lobbying local lawmakers to pass the Brewery Modernization Act of 2010, which would make it easier for breweries to open and for out of state breweries and homebrewers make higher alcohol beers.

Richmond, Virginia– This week marks the 75th anniversary of the beer can. First released on January 24th, 1935, in Richmond by Gottfried Krueger Brewery, the beer can has become a staple for beer drinkers every where.

Christchurch, New Zealand– Two men were arrested on Friday in suspicion of stealing approximately 696 bottles of Miller Geniune Draft. The men were noticed when their compact Mazda hatchback was riding low to the ground, a side effect of being laden with nearly seven hundred bottles of beer and two grown men.




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25 01 2010


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