Magic Hat Brewing Company is A Class Act

28 01 2010

Last month, I designed a beer tasting for my family. I selected about a dozen different beers from American craft breweries that, I believe, are working to make fun, innovative, beers.

In the pale ale category, I selected the delicious Magic Hat #9. Magic Hat calls its #9 a “Not Quite Pale Ale”. Fermented with apricots, #9 has a faint, sour tang on the tale end reminiscent of dried fruit. It is a yummy and interesting beer showcasing the best of American ingenuity in the craft brew scene.

Imagine my surprise and frustration when I brought my six pack of #9 home and found one of the bottles empty! There it was; a bottle of #9 with a label, a cap, some sanitizer in the bottom. But no beer! I know some one had not stolen the beer because Magic hat uses the pry off crown lids instead of twist offs. So, I guessed that it was just a fluke. A bottle went through the capper and labeler and through quality control without being caught. Then it got to the store and into my hands and then home without any one noticing. An honest mistake.

The Bottle in Question

I then decided to email Magic Hat. I let them know that I had bought an empty bottle. I told them I was disappointed, but not mad. And I asked if I could get a coupon for a free pint or something like that. They wrote back. They apologized and explained that they don’t give out coupons or rebates. And due to a law prohibiting sending alcohol through the postal service, they could not send me a new beer. But to make it up to me, they would send me some Magic Hat swag. I thanked them. And a few days later, I got a package in the mail from South Burlington, VT–the home of Magic Hat.

I eagerly opened the package to find a lovely note from the brewer apologizing, a lovely sticker and not one, but two(!) bottle openers!

Magic Hat Swag!

So, in short, Magic Hat Brewery is a class act. Their customer service is speedy, friendly, and responsive. And they were generous in making up for a simple and honest mistake. And their swag is high quality. Thank you Magic Hat for being such a class act!




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28 01 2010
Beth W.

There is nothing like contacting a company and feeling like you are listened to and respected.

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