Friday Open Comments: What’s On Your Mind?

29 01 2010

Photo Credit: Tambako The Jaguar Creative Commons

It’s Friday! Belly up to the bar and tell us what’s on your mind. What are you excited about this weekend? What has you down? Drink any good beers lately? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Any ideas for future blog posts?




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29 01 2010

This has been a really good week for beer and next week will be even better! Last Tuesday, I helped a buddy of mine brew his first batch of beer. I bottled some of my own homebrew. Monday, I am getting together some friends to brew with and TTPB is hosting its first every blind tasting (more on that to come later!).

29 01 2010

So I have had a beer problem this week. I noticed when pouring an Allagash White (a tried and true favorite) it instructed me to pour 3/4 then swirl the rest to work up a froth and continue to pour.

What is the point of this? I realized I have seen bartenders do this–but don’t know why. Do we just like the frothy head that much?

29 01 2010

Scott, excellent question! Allagash White is an unflitered wheat ale. Wheat, as opposed to barley, is higher in non-fermentable proteins. Those proteins, along with the unfiltered yeast, tend to settle to the bottom of your bottle during transport and storage. By pouring 3/4 of your beer and then giving a slight swirl, that brings up the wheat proteins and yeast back into solution. What you will find after pouring your final 1/4th in is the beer will be noticeably cloudy and you will find an increase of aromatics. This is particularly true about Belgian Whites (which Allagash is) because those are spiced with orange peel and coriander.

Here is a fun experiment! Pour your first 3/4ths in. Take a sniff and a sip. Swirl and dump your final 1/4th and take another sniff and sip. Compare and contrast. You should find a noticeable difference.

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