Monday News Round Up

1 02 2010

Miami, Florida A Burger King in Florida has announced that they will be the first Burger King in America to offer beer. For $4.25, patrons can purchase a Bud or a Bud Light in aluminum bottles. Or, for $7.99, a whopper combo can be served with beer instead of a soft drink. The store will be called the Burger King Bar and hopes to attract tourists. If successful, the restaurant may be added to tourist heavy areas in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Chicago.

Huntington Beach, California– The city of Huntington Beach, a beach side community in Orange County, has banned the game of Beer Pong. The game, which resembles the game of skill and change at carnivals involves throwing a ping pong ball in cups full of beer and then drinking said beer. The game is legal in private homes. But downtown bars and clubs must ban the use of the game in order to renew their liquor licenses. The city council passed the ordinance in order to curtail downtown’s reputation as a out of control party spot.

New York City, New York- CBS, this year’s home of the Super Bowl, has announced that they have sold all their commercial air time for next week’s Super Bowl. It is estimated that CBS was selling a 30-second air time for almost 3 million dollars. Once again, Budweiser will have the most airtime during the game. Super Bowl Sunday is reportedly the 7th most popular beer drinking day of the year. On Super Bowl Sunday, over 43 million cases of beer are sold nationally. Independence day is the most popular with over 69 million cases of beer sold. (Editor’s note- Tune in next week to The Thinking Person’s Beer where we will have a recap of all the beer commercials from this year’s Super Bowl)

Bremerton, Washington– A 22 year old man in Bremerton, Washington, has been arrested on charges of robbery. The man allegedly put beer in the baby stroller with hist two-month-old baby girl. As the man walked out of the store, the manager grabbed the stroller in order to stop the would be robber. After the altercation, both the man and the baby were knocked to the ground. Neither were hurt.




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