Friday Open Comments: What’s On Your Mind?

5 02 2010

Image Credit: a4gpa Creative Commons

It’s Friday! Belly up to the bar and tell us what’s on your mind. What are you excited about this weekend? What has you down? Drink any good beers lately? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Any ideas for future blog posts?




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5 02 2010

So last week was very helpful!

This means I have another one.

Why do people prefer beers that are on tap? I often am with friends who voice strong preference for it and many bars will advertise they have many beers on tap.

What is the benefit of this? Is it that much bettered than bottled? Or does everyone prefer it for the reason I prefer it: it is what you are supposed to like.

Thanks Alex!

5 02 2010

Scott, you are just full of great questions!

In short, beer from kegs are fresher than in bottles. Beer, much like wine or spirits, is a “living” being. Beer can be affected both positively and negatively by aging, travel, and storage.

Different ways beer can be affected include: chemicals found in hops can break down when in contact with sunlight causing that unpleasant, skunky aroma. Oxygen can oxidize the beer causing a dull, stale, or flat taste. Glass bottles have a tendency to break, pop, or get cracked. Kegs prevent all of these problems.

Also, bottled and canned beers do not pour the same way as a pint. A Guinness from draft pours with that beautiful nitrogen cascade that people know and love. Generally, bottles and cans don’t do that. Guinness spent nearly a million dollars and several years figuring out how to fix that problem. Once they fixed it, the innovation was so popular, the Queen of England bestowed them with an award for an important advancement in the field of science!

It also comes down to an economy of scale. A full keg of beer comes with 15 gallons and can run $100 to $150. That comes to be about $10 a gallon. On the other hand a six pack of beer can run $10 to $20 each. Some beers (like the Dogfish Head 120 min IPA) can run $40 for a foyr pack!

With kegs, you get fresher beer for less of a cost. A win-win situation for every one, I believe.

On the other hand, a glass bottle (or an aluminum can) has its benefits, too. Long term storage is easier in small quantities. Unless one has a large space for deep storage, kegs are not reasonable. Furthermore, full kegs are difficult for quick consumption. There are 1/3 kegs (also known as pony kegs or corny kegs) that hold 5 gallons. Those are more reasonable for the average beer drinker as beer begins to go stale once a keg has been tapped. That still means 5 gallons have to be consumed in about a week. A mighty feat, even for some.

I hope this helps!

5 02 2010
Beth W.

Personally, I like my beer in a bottle. I think the bubbles stay around longer. Meanwhile in Nashville TN, “Drink Yazoo for the big game this Sunday, take a pic of it ,get free Yazoo goodys. We will be sending out free Yazoo shirts, pint glasses and/or gift cards for our favorite 30 pics of you and your friends drinking Yazoo during the big game. Three ways to get entered. 1. Tag Yazoo Brewing when you post them to Facebook. 2.Tag @YazooBrew on Twitter with you pics attached.3. Email them to us here via .Easy enough. Our only rule is you need to have our logo or label art in the pic, oh and the more people in the pic the better chance you have. Winners will be picked the following week and contacted.” and “National Hop Day!
Saturday, February 27, 2010. 1 – 4 PM Boscos has declared the last Saturday in February as National Hop Day! Join us for fun, hops, prizes, more hops, HopGod Ale®, still more hops and still even more hops.”

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