Monday Beer News Round-Up

22 02 2010

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania- Lawmakers in Pennsylvania’s capital are attempting to update the State’s post-prohibition era beer sales laws. According to current laws, consumers are not able to purchase their beer at supermarkets. Instead, beer is only available at bars or restaurants. Furthermore, there is a cap of two six packs a person available at bars and taverns. The new law would allow for the creation of beer and spirits stores and would allow consumers a choice from a four or six pack all the way up to multiple cases.

Davis, California- A new study produced by The University of California shows that beer, particularly ones with higher hop and barley contents, has a good source of dietary silicon which is crucial for production of bones. Hops has up to four times as much dietary silicon as malt. So beers like IPA’s, APA’s, and Imperial Pale Ales can do much to reduce fractures in bones.

Fraserburgh, Scotland– When The Boston Brewing Company released its 27% ABV Utopias a few years ago, it threw down the gauntlet. To brew a beer with that much punch, they were just begging for challengers. A few years later, a young upstart company out of Scotland called Brew Dog stepped up to the plate with a mysteriously named beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin. This beer weighed in at 32% ABV and took the title of strongest beer in the world. Earlier in the year, a German brewery called Schorchbrau released its Schorchbock with 40% ABV. Brewdog has responded it its record breaking Sink The Bismark. At 41% ABV, Sink the Bismark just barely outpaces the Schorchbock. Yet, it makes Utopias’ 27% look downright pedestrian. Sink the Bismark is available online only for £40 ($61.83) for a 12 oz. bottle.  No word yet on how far this extreme beer war will continue.

Coney Island, NY- After being closed for over 65 years, Luna Park at Coney Island is reopening. Mayor Bloomberg has recently signed a deal with an Italian amusement park company to reopen the famed seaside boardwalk. To celebrate, the Schmaltz Brewing Company, makers of He’Brew, is releasing a Luna Lager to join their line of Coney Island themed beers. Available this summer throughout New York City, the proceeds from Luna Lager will go to support the nonprofit Coney Island USA.

New York City, NY- Spanx, the company famous for making girdle-like underwear for women, has just released its first compression undergarment for men. Debuting at the New York Fashion Week, these shirts are aimed at counteracting the beer belly. By compressing love handles and belly bulge Spanx will give men an opportunity to have flatter abs and fit into more tailored shirts.




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