New Advances in Beerwear Technology

27 02 2010

Any one who has been watching the Olympics or College Basketball recently may have seen commercials for the new Samuel Adams Boston Lager Sensory Enhancement Glasses. These curvy glasses trap aromas, aerate your sips, control temperature, retain head and encourage carbonation. These beers are scientifically designed to make your beer taste the best it can. Here is a video of the glasses being made in Germany.

The good folks at Bottoms Up! have a good breakdown of how the glass works. You can see it here. Right now, a set of 4 retails about $30 from the Sam Adams site and on Amazon. But the distributors plan on selling them individually for $4.99 each soon.

On the other side of the pond, England is figuring what to do with their 877,000 alcohol related fights a year. One Member of Parliament is proposing a ban on glass pints. The logic being that if we cannot prevent the fights, we can at least prevent injuries caused by broken bar glasses. One company is proposing a shatterproof pint glass using the same technology as car windshields. By fusing two ultra thin sheets of glass to a plastic resin form or coating the inside of glasses with plastic, one would have a light and safe pint glass that resembles the ones we already know and love. The benefits include: no razor sharp shards of glass, an increase of weight to the glass for improved sensory benefit, decreased cost for pub owners who will not need to replaced broken glasses as frequently, innovative advertising opportunities, and–in the case of the latter design–a wide variety of shapes and sizes are available.

Picture Credit: Make Magazine Creative Commons

(Via Make Magazine)

Who knows, maybe someday soon, we will be seeing a new Sam Adams Sensory Enhancing Glass made with shatterproof glass.




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27 02 2010
Johnny Automatic

any improvements to beer goggles technology? That really need improving.

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