Monday Beer News Round-Up

1 03 2010

Vancouver, Canada– A friendly beer wager between President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the US-Canada Olympic men’s hockey final has resulted in the President bringing the Prime Minister a case of Molson Canadian. Canada beat the USA 3-2 in over time winning the Canadians gold, the USA silver and the Prime Minister beer. If the USA had won the game, President Obama would have won a case of Pennsylvania-based Yuengling Lager–America’s oldest brewery. No word yet when the President will make good on the bet.

Cincinnati, OH- Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood was once full of German immigrants and breweries. But after decades of economic instability, those historic buildings are now crumbling and falling apart. An organization seeking to protect Cincinnati’s brewing tradition has been establish to renovate¬† the brewing district of Over-the-Rhine. Plans include reestablishing a century-old beer garden in order to host local festivals and to create a museum that protects and displays the area’s brewing history.

Columbia, SC- A new bill proposed would allow local breweries give samples to their touring visitors. At many breweries and wineries in the United States guests can receive samples along with their tours. However in South Carolina, breweries are not allowed to treat their guests to free samples. The measure would also include samples at wine and beer stores. The President of South Carolina’s Brewer’s Association, Jaime Tenny, said “This is a huge, huge step” toward making South Carolinian craft breweries a respected part of the craft beer community.




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