Monday Beer News Round-Up

8 03 2010

Boulder, CO- The Brewers Association released their report on the state of brewing in America today. While overall sales in the US were down by 5 million barrels (155 million gallons), craft and independent breweries saw an increase of sales in 2009 from the year before. Overall, small breweries sold 10.3% more in dollars than in 2008 and 7.2% in volume or about 8.5 million cases. In 2009, American brewing was a $101 billion economy. Small and mid-size breweries accounted for about $7 billion or about 6.9% of the industry. 63 new breweries opened in the United States bringing the population up to 1,542 a new high since prohibition. This growth has been noticed by people outside the brewing industry. The National Restaurant Association named local and independent beers as “top trend to watch in 2010” and food and beer pairings was number 5.

Boston, MA- A new study released today by Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows that women who drink moderate amounts of alcohol gain less weight in midlife. On average, women who drank one drink a day were 13% less likely to be overweight. And women who drank two drinks a day were 30% less likely to be overweight. Results were successful with women who drank wine, beer, and spirits. However, most effects were most associated with red wine. While noticing an overall trend of women who drank have a reduced rate of obesity, they warned against an “alcohol based diet” as having more than one or two drinks a day could result in negative affects that could counter act any benefits of weight loss. Similarly, the weight loss was not “caused” by the consumption of alcohol but was in conjunction with appropriate diet, moderation and exercise.

Daejeon, Korea- Korean scientists have discovered that dissolved oxygen helps the body metabolize alcohol faster. By increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in alcohol, participants have found they were able to sober up faster and experienced fewer hang overs than with alcohol regular levels of oxygen. As well has the personal effects, societal could include fewer accidents or violent acts caused by over consumption.

Oxford, OH– The annual “green beer day” festivities were marred this year when a 22 year old Miami University student slammed into a parked police car while intoxicated. While the car was totaled, no one was injured. The student was taken to jail on DUI charges. The 58 year old tradition is a city wide celebration involving beer dyed green with food coloring. 25 participants were cited for public intoxication this year.




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8 03 2010

I did know that moderate amount of alchohol makes you keep weight off–why do you think the French are so skinny?

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