Monday Beer News Round-Up

22 03 2010

Ottawa, Canada- President Obama made good on his Olympic Hockey Team bet this week. After the USA Men’s Hockey team lost to the Canadian team last month at the Winter Olympics, President Obama sent a case of Yuengling Lager with the US Ambassador to Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper accepted the winnings from America’s oldest brewery and announced that he would be donating the case to the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame where it will be displayed next to the winning puck. It would seem that Yuengling lager is the President’s beer of choice as that is what he had at the “Beer Summit” between himself, Prof. Gates and Officer Crowley last summer.

Milwuakee, WI- MillerCoors announced this week that they will be releasing a limited release of a beer based off a pro-prohibition recipe called “Batch19.” Available only on draft, this beer is from a recently recovered recipe found in the Coors Archives. Many microbreweries have attempted to bring back pre-prohibition beers. But this may be the first time an American Macrobrewery has offered one. The brewmaster for MillerCoors said that he found the recipe while saving some old files from water damage. He expressed excitement and interest as the recipe calls for rarely used hops including Strisslespalt and Hersbrucker. Strisslespalt hops are traditionally from France and have low alpha acid bitterness but a strong floral aroma. Hersbrucker hops are originally from Germany and have a grassy character. The name “Batch19” refers to the year Prohibition was passed, 1919. Batch19 will be available in Chicago, San Francisco, Milwuakee and Washington.

London, England- A brewer in England has announced that he has broken the record for the hoppiest beer in the world. While many breweries are working hard to top each other in alcohol strength, this brewer is attempting to make his beer the most bitter beer in the world. “The Hop” from the Pitstop Brewery in Oxon claims to have 323 IBUs (International Bittering Units). The current record is held by the Founders Brewing Company for its Devil Dancer Triple IPA. Founders selection has 200 IBUs. The Hop was achieved through a blend of American high alpha hops including Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook. The brewer also used a high alpha hop extract called isolone.

Indianapolis, Indiana- Governor Mitch Daniels will sign into law a bill from the Indiana General Assembly that allows Hoosier microbreweries to sell alcohol on Sunday. The breweries will be allowed to sell up to two cases of twelve oz. bottles or 9 growlers (4.5 gallons) per person on Sundays. Currently, only restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol on Sunday. This law will not alter the current barring of alcohol sales on Sunday from grocery or liquor stores. An organization called Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is working to overturn all the blue laws in the state.




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