Best Bocks 2010: #5 Shiner Bock

29 03 2010

Photo Credit: Swanksalot CC

Everything is bigger in Texas. Or, so they say. And so while the Lone Star State is famous for its fair share of flavorless and fizzy adjunct beer, it is also the home of a surprisingly delicious bock. Shiner Bock by the K. Spoetzl Brewery hails from the tiny town of Shiner, Texas. Bold, brown and biting: this bock is just like the land it comes from. People have probably had a Shiner and never known what a bock is or its significance. That, combined with its overall yummy qualities is a perfect reason why I named Shiner Bock my fifth favorite bock beer this Lenten season.

Shiner Bock, K. Spoetzel Brewery ( Score: 16 Points

Aroma: As with all bocks, this one is malt forward. A light toasty maltiness gives caramel and the slight nose of grocery-store-whole-grain-bread crust. A light minty and spicey hop nose pokes out of the malt.

Appearence: Crystal clear with a warm amber. Golden highlights shine along the edges. Minimal off-white head with quick dissapation.

Flavor: Boldly toasted bread crust is the main note with a very pleasant, but never cloying, sweetness. Hops are subdued with a slight wintergreen and peppermint hoppiness from Noble Hops. A very sharp hint of alcohol does clean up duty on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Surprisingly rich for a bock with a medium body. But the booziness cuts through making an astringent cleanliness.




One response

29 03 2010

Great write-up, Alex! I’m glad you enjoyed Shiner Bock, it’s always my go-to beer back home.

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