Best Bocks 2010: #4 Spaten Optimator

30 03 2010

Much like yesterday’s Shiner Bock, Spaten Optimator is a wonderful first example of a first time dopplebock. It can be a bit unnerving the first time one drinks it. It is bold, meaty, and strong. One of my bartenders described it as “drinking a roast beef sandwich.” But once one overcomes the surprising boldness of the beer, one can find a really warm and comforting beer.

Spaten was the first brewery to develop mechanized refrigeration. For that reason, Optimator was the first dopplebock to be developed on an industrial scale. Inexpensive and plentiful, Optimator is easy to find and drink. With its distinctive forest green bottle and coppery label, Optimator stands out from the other bottles on the shelf.

Spaten Optimator, Spaten-Franziskanner-Brau (InBev) (

Photo Credit: naz66 CC

Rate Beer Score: 94 Points

Aroma: A strong, earthy maltiness reminiscent of forest floor: Mossy, woody, and soil. Very clean and smooth. Little to no hop aroma.

Appearance: Russet brown with a fine, sticky, off-white head that dissipates quickly. Very faint ruby highlights. Very clean with little carbonation.

Flavor: Rich, meaty (cold roast beef), maltiness. With hints of chocolate. Very slight hoppy back-end from Noble Hops. Sharp, but well balanced booziness leaves a clean palate.

Mouthfeel: Thin to medium bodied. With pinprick carbonation. Very light feeling. Yet, surprisingly satisfying and filling.




One response

30 03 2010

It’s interesting to note the meaty flavors but the body is thin to medium. With that profile you would expect a more robust body but maybe the high carbonation thins out the mouthfeel?

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