Design a Beer for Anheuser-Busch

1 04 2010

Craft brew is here to stay. As more and more American micro and craft breweries eat up the market share that Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Pabst, and Coors enjoy, those large breweries are figuring out new ways to claim back their customers. Coors came up with Blue Moon in order to claim back customers who started drinking foreign beers, particularly Belgians. And Anheuser-Busch joined in with Bud Light Golden Wheat. A-B also has joined the American Pale Ale scene by releasing their Budweiser American Ale. And yet, it is just not working. While A-B saw losses this year, Boston Brewing Company, home of Samuel Adams Boston Lager saw increases in their profit margins this quarter. That is why A-B is attempting to take another idea from the craft beer world: supporting homebrewers.

Each year, Boston Brewing Company sponsors the Long Shot Competition. Homebrewers from all over the United States compete to have their beer brewed by Sam Adams. Three winners are selected and their beers are brewed and sold with their faces on the label. It is a favorite among the homebrewing community and a way for the company to say “Thank you” to its loyal customers. Details will be released today at

Anheuser-Busch is also releasing details of their own Long Shot Competition today. Homebrewers have the opportunity to design a new beer for A-B and they will proceed to water it down using only the finest adjuncts, chemicals and preservatives. Were you to win, your beer would be a shell of the beer you so lovingly and painstakingly designed and brewed. Master brewers from A-B will put as much care and effort you did into making your beer fizzier, waterier, and tasting more of corn than you could have ever expected. Your beer will then be bottled with the Budweiser named attached to it where people will buy your beer and drink copious ammounts of it without ever thinking about the subtle use of hops you intended or the Munich malts you selected because those will be taken out and replaced with industrial hop extract and caramel coloring. Winners have the opportunity to have their names and faces on the label if they are not too embarrassed.

For more information how to enter Anheuser-Busch’s Long Shot Competition, please visit




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