Monday Beer News Round-Up

12 04 2010

Copenhagen, Denmark- Employees at the Carlsberg factory ended a five day strike today over the amount of free beer they receive. last week, management told warehouse employees that their daily ration of free beer was to be downsized from 3 a day to 1 a day. Furthermore, beer could only be consumed during their lunch hours rather than on the job. Over 200 warehouse employees left work after the announcement. 50 drivers also joined in a solidarity strike. While no formal decision has been made, the Union has agreed to meet with management over a compromise. The strike resulted in a reduced shipment to New Zealand.

Chicago, Illinois- This week, the Brewer’s Association hosted its biannual World Beer Cup, a celebration of world beers. This year, 323 breweries brought 3,300 beers, representing over 40 countries and nearly every state in the United States. Awards were given in 90 categories. The most popular categories were Wood Barrel Aged Beers and Spiced and/or Chocolate Beers with 113 entries. The Least popular category was German Sour Beers with 9 entries. Two new categories were entered this year: Traditional/Historical Beers and Belgo-American. Asia Pacific Breweries (brewers of Tiger) in Singapore won Best Large Brewery. Firestone-Walker of Palos Robles, California won for best Mid-Sized Brewery. Best Small Brewery, Ballast Brewing of San Diego, California also tied with Baird Brewing of Japan for most amount of medals won.

New York City- Twenty cases of Brew Dog’s Record breaking Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32% ABV) are coming this side of the pond; being  shipped from its Scotland Brewery and distributed to select locations in New York and California. The beer’s high level of alcohol is achieved by freezing the liquid at an ice cream factory for one week and then scraping off the frozen water, leaving a condensed alcoholic solution. No word what day Tactical Nuclear Penguin will hit the shelves or where exactly. And this editor has no guess how expensive it will be. But this, along with a Brew Dog/Stone collaboration that arrived last week gives this editor good hopes that Brew Dog is looking to expand in this market.

Winnipeg, Canada- Local escape artist, Dean Gunnarson, was chained and placed inside a barrel of beer. The barrel, holding 31.1 gallons of beer, was then sealed with Gunnarson inside it. after about two minutes inside the cold beer barrel, Gunnarson was able to escape his handcuffs and then poked his hand out of a small hole cut into the top of the lid to pick the lock. Gunnarson, who doesn’t drink, said that working with beer provided itself with its own set of challenges. The beer stung his eyes and froze his fingers numb. The event was sponsored as a fundraiser for a national food bank. No word on what kind of beer it was.




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