Monday Beer News Round-Up

3 05 2010

Boulder, Co- Friday, May 7th is National Homebrew Day also known as “The Big Brew.” Every May 7th, homebrewers around the world will be brewing beer together and sharing a drink. The first Big Brew occurred in 1988 and ever since, brewers of all stripes have been brewing on May 7th. Every year, the Homebrewer’s Association releases a series of recipes for people to brew on the day. However, brewers can make whatever they want. It is the single largest homebrewing event in the year followed by the November “Teach A Friend To Brew Day.” Organizers expect thousands of participants brewing millions of gallons of beer this year.

Boston, MA- This weekend, the Massachusetts Water Authority has suggested residents of Boston boil their water and reduce usage after a leak in a water main was found. For residents, it is an inconvenience. For brewers at the Boston Beer Company, home of Samuel Adams, it is a reduction of production. Luckily, the leak was found over a weekend, when the brewery is not operational. But as the boil and reservation order continues into the week, it means Sam Adams will be counting down the minutes until they can resume brewing.

Altoona, PA- In what may be the first major blow to the centuries old beer distributing laws in Pennsylvania, a gas station chain called Sheetz has won the right to sell six packs of beer by creating a small restaurant in the building. Under Pennsylvania law, only liscensed bars and restaurants are able to sell six packs to customers. By creating a small “convenience restaurant” and separating it physically from the gas station, customers can purchase six packs from the station. This move is opposed by the Pennsylvania Malt Beverage Distributor’s Association as it threatens the current process of purchasing from distributors themselves.




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