Monday Beer News Round-Up

10 05 2010

Boulder, CO- Today marks the beginning of American Craft Beer Week. An official holiday passed by Congress, this week celebrates the proud brewing tradition of the United States. Events all over the country will be hosted by local breweries, bars and homebrew clubs as well as the American Brewers Association. For more information on the ACBW, please visit

Boston, MA- Savvy beer fans could have received quite the deal this week from The Boston Beer Co. this week. Not on actual beers, but on stocks. During Thursday’s panic on the Stock Market, shares for the brewers of Sam Adams and Hard Core Cider dipped down to a penny. After starting the day at $60 a share, the company stock could have been picked up by the hundreds for less than the cost of a beer. By the end of the day, the stock had picked back up to about $50 a share.

San Francisco, CA- As we mentioned two weeks ago, Anchor Brewing Company was sold to the Griffin Consulting Group. Since then, more details have arisen. Griffin is famous for taking Skyy vodka from a little heard of company to a multi-million dollar corporation. It is the hopes of Griffin that they can continue that trend. According the the American Brewer’s Association, Anchor is currently the 50th largest brewery in America and the 20th craft brewery in America. Griffin has also recently bought the American distribution rights for the (at times) controversial Scottish brewery, Brew Dog. When asked if Anchor would start brewing Brew Dog for the United States market, Griffin Group said they need to further look into that possibility.

Photo Credit: Beth Winnett

Nashville, TN- Storms in the Mid-South last week caused the Cumberland River to breach and flooddowntown Nashville. The flooding waterlogged many downtown bars and restaurants as well as all three of the city’s beer distributors–thus postponing weekly deliveries. The flood also shut down the city’s water processing plant for several days. Residents (including this editor’s family) received shipments of fresh drinking water from Anheuser-Busch. In the picture to the side, one can clearly see the A-B logo on the jars.




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10 05 2010

Thanks for posting news about Nashville’s Flood. You are more timly than the National news. 8>) Meanwhile, I am not a fan of the taste of the canned water, though my Saudi and Japanese student do. I don’t know what that means.

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