Best Wheats 2010: #4 Allagash White

11 05 2010

Photo Credit: Ben + Sam

The antidote to Blue Moon Syndrome. Allagash White is a true American Craft Brewery that brews with values. Rich, creamy and citrusy, this beer is sure to make you forget about that other beer. Brewed in Portland, Maine, Allagash is producing some of the best Belgian beers this side of Brussels. It may cost a little bit more than Blue Moon but it is sure to step up your game a little bit. There is no doubt about it, the Allagash White is one of the best wheat beers around.

Allagash White-

Rate Beer Score: 94 Points (99 for Style)

Aroma: Lemon, sour orange, pepper and grass and a hint of coriander. A slight Belgian “funk” and earthy hops on the end.

Appearance: Gold with no highlights. A deep haze makes it nearly opaque. A firm white head lingers but dissipates quickly.

Taste: Zesty lemon and silky wheat. Spicy coriander leaves a slight grassy note on the back end. Hops help balance but aren’t really noticeable. No sweet “Fruit cocktail” cloying nature of some other Belgian-style American wheats.

Mouthfeel: Silky smooth with a hint of viscosity. Rich and full. Very well rounded. Slight carbonation prickles.

Serve this with a tulip with a small orange rind for garnish. If I ever catch you putting a piece of orange in the beer, I will have harsh words for you. Harsh words indeed. Pair with a grilled chicken breast with lemon glaze or a fresh piece of salmon spritzed with a lemon wedge.

Honorable Mention:

Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier CC


Rate Beer Score: 94 Points (99 for style)

We would be remiss to not mention Hoegaarden, the grandfather of Belgian witts. Without Hoegaaraden, there would be now Belgian wheat beers. Sure, Hoegaarden is now owned by Heineken. But that also means good things for you, the consumer, namely: it is cheap and plentiful. I am not saying that you should ditch Allagash White for Hoegaarden. Afterall, Allagash White is #4 best wheat beer of the year and Hoegaarden is only an honorable mention. But it is tasty. And it is cheap. And one can find it anywhere. And with that beautiful perrywinkle color and that awesome multi-faceted beer glass, it is an ideal and easy choice for a beer garden Sunday.




One response

12 05 2010

Hooray for Allagash! One of my favorites and on tap at many places around the city.

Can’t wait for Number 1!!!!!!!

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