Monday Beer News Round-Up

17 05 2010

Photo Credit: Wharman CC

Baltimore, Md- Saturday was the 135th running of the Preakness Race at Pimlico Race Tracks. Preakness is the second race of The Triple Crown. While the Kentucky Derby is considered a refined affair by many with men in searsucker suits and women in large hats where all drink Mint Julips, the Preakness resembles more Woodstock than high tea. A year after a ban on beer led to the lowest turnout in race history, organizers brought back the beer with all you can drink tickets for $20. Some participants complained the “all you can drink” promise was a bit overstated as organizers had too few beer stalls for the size of the crowd. Patrons often had to wait in long lines that resembled  lines at a county fair or amusement park. According to The Baltimore Sun, the average wait time for a beer was 30 minutes–in other words, in order to keep ones mug full, one must be constantly standing in line. Otherwise, it was a successful day with one of the largest turn outs in race history. Looking At Lucky finished first in the race after finishing sixth at the Kentucky Derby.

Washington DC- Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) has proposed a law that would cut the Federal Excise tax on small breweries by half. For breweries that make fewer than 2 Million barrels (~64 Million Gallons) a year, the taxes on their first 60,000 barrels would be cut from $7.00 a barrel to $3.50. Every barrel after that would be taxed at $16 a barrel instead of the $18 now. The bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Crapo (R-ID), Sen. Snowe (R-ME) and Sen. Wyden (D-OR). This bill resembles one proposed in the House of Representatives last year by Rep. Neal (D-MA) and Rep. Brady (R-TX). After news of the proposed bill, shares in Boston Brewing Co. rose 4% to $62.63.

Copenhagen, DE- Last month, workers at Carlsberg brewery went on strike over a reduction in complimentary beers workers were allowed in a day. After negotiations, workers went back to work. But the honeymoon period was short lived. After contract negotiations over a planned raise in salary fell apart, workers went on strike again. Before, only warehouse employees stopped working. But this time it is a complete shut down of operations, causing a nationwide shortage of beer. Carlsberg is the fourth largest brewery in the world and responsible for the two most popular beers in Denmark.

Asheville, NC- A sophomore at Warren Wilson College has received a grant to continue his project to turn wastewater from a local brewery into biofuel. Using wastewater, which contains trace amounts of beer-based nutrients, and a special strain of bacteria the student plans on converting the waste into hydrogen to run engines.

St. Louis, MO- Bud Light has replaced Coors Light as the official beer sponsor of the 2011 NFL. Coors contract with the professional football league expires after next January’s Super Bowl and A-B has bought out the rights for the next several years.




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22 05 2010
tom winnett

Check out Brewer’s Plate a Tornoto Restaurant that features local foods (even in the Canadian Winter). they pair with Beers

23 05 2010

“If you like to cool off with an ale, make it pale. According to a University of California Davis, an analysis of 100 commercial brews, light-colored ales, such as IPA, contain the most silicon, a compound that increases bones mineral density in women with osteoporoses. Researchers believe it due to their high levels of silicon-rich hops and malted barley. Enjoy pale ale and you could boost your bone mineral density by up to 16%” – Prevention Magazine June 2010.

Or if you are like me and really don’t like IPAs but have one in the fidge, poach some turkey brats in the IPA and maybe you will get some of the same benefits. Who knows? Other than it was damn tasty

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