T-Shirt Designs and Facebook

1 06 2010

The Thinking Person’s Beer is proud to announce two big developments. The first is T-shirts. Beginning in July, readers will have an opportunity to donate to the Thinking Person’s Beer to receive a t-shirt. The donation structure will be revealed next month. In the mean time, we need your help deciding which t-shirts should be available. Below are the shirt designs and voting will be in the Poll of the Month on the right hand side. All shirts will have a slogan on the front with “www.thinkingpersonsbeer.com” on the back. And all shirts will be hand silk screened by me. The top two designs will be selected for release.

“Ask Me About Beer. Tell Me When to Stop.”

“Beer Geek”

“You Say ‘Beer Geek’ Like It Is a Bad Thing”

“The Audacity of Hops”

“Water Malt Hops Yeast”

There could be one that just says “The Thinking Person’s Beer” as well. We will solicit ideas in the comments below.

The second big announcement is that we are now on Facebook.com. Come and friend us there. We will be announcing upcoming events, put more pictures, and have more conversation there.

Until then, happy drinking!




5 responses

1 06 2010

I love them all! But I’ll try to pick one!

2 06 2010

The first one… for sure. Go T-Shirts!!!

2 06 2010

These are all great!

I voted for “Ask Me About Beer. Tell Me When To Stop.” but I also like “Water Malt Hops Yeast” and “The Audacity of Hops,” though I think that one (while ever so clever) runs the risk of becoming outdated sooner than the rest.

Can’t wait to wear one! Is it possible to request them on a women’s fitted tee?

8 06 2010

I absolutely love the first one!

8 06 2010
anna lisa gross

i think they’re great! my fave is “thinking” and second is “audacity.”

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