Monday Beer News Round-Up

14 06 2010

Washington DC- President Obama and The Prime Minister of The UK wagered a case of beer each over the outcome of Saturday’s World Cup match. Echoing the wager made with the Prime Minister of Canada over this year’s Olympic hockey game, The Premiers offered “The best beer” of their nations. Neither The White House, nor Downing street suggested which beers they had in mind. But Cameron was definitely going to send an English lager. In the past, Obama has preferred Yuengling Lager, but he would have a difficult time suggesting it is the best we have to offer. The game wound up as a draw 1-1. No word yet on how they intend to settle this bet. We believe the best and most sportsmanly way would be each exchange a case. No word yet on whether or not the President intends on participating in these wagers for every round or just with countries we “have a special relationship” with. Either way, we won’t have to worry about Obama betting with our third match of the game-Algeria- a dry, Muslim nation.

Scottsdale, AZ- A boutique specializing in pampering dogs has released a new “beer” for dogs. The non-alcoholic malt beverage is flavored with chicken and beef instead of hops–which are toxic to dogs. They run $5 a bottle and $25 for a six pack. For an extra $10 you can have the labels personalized with a picture of your own dog. But we believe at $35 a six pack plus tax, one can buy a lot of really good beer for one’s self and leave the dogs to water.

Philadelphia, PA- A local Irish bar called Tir Na Nog is outfitting its tables with their own taps. Customers are able to pour for themselves, thus cutting down on waste and staff time. Each tap is outfitted with a meter which is operated by the bartender. The taps are turned on and the meter runs as they are opened. By the end of the night, the waiter settles the tab by the ounce. The bar charges $6.50 per 20 oz. pour. Rumors have it that Meridian Pint in DC will also be offering table taps for their customers.




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