Monday Beer News Round-Up

28 06 2010

Washington DC- President Obama and Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron have finally settled their beer bet. As we mentioned two weeks ago, the two Premiers bet a case of beer each on the USA vs. England World Cup game. Since the game ended in a tie, there was no word on how the bet would be settled until this weekend. As Mr. Obama and Mr. Cameron were meeting in Toronto, Canada for the G20, they swapped bottles of beer. Mr. Cameron, having bet a case of “The best English Lager” apparently went back on his side of the bet by offering a Wychwood Hobgoblin, a Northern English Style Pale Ale. Mr. Obama apparently also went back on his end of the bet, too. He had offered a case of “America’s best beer.” Instead he brought Goose Island 312, an American wheat ale from Chicago. While the President has been known to favor Yuengling Lager in the past, 312 shows his devotion to the Windy City.

Milwaukee, WI- A weeks-old rumored sale on the Pabst Blue Ribbon company has apparently been completed. C. Dean Metropoulos has bought the company from the charitable trust that had owned the company for an undisclosed amount. The California-based trust had run the company since 1994. But the IRS had told the group it was illegal for a non-profit to run a for-profit organization and gave them until the end of the year to sell the business or shut it down. The trust had been asking for $250 Million for the company. The Metropoulos group has invested in many food companies and chose the company for its increase in profits despite a drop in the American Lager market. Pabst has gained popularity amongst young people in large cities due to its “Ironic”, “Retro” charm and cheap prices.

Milton, DE- Dogfish Head Brewery has released a limited edition beer in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. (The editor and his S.O. have a story about last Christmas when we hitched a ride to Nashville, TN with a guy we met on and how the driver insisted on listening to all three discs of Bitches Brew at maximum volume the entire way home.) Owner of Dogfish Head, Sam Calagione has often credited Bitches Brew and Miles Davis as inspiration for his brewery. The beer, which was premiered in Washington DC this month at SAVOR will be released in August. It is a blend of three Imperial stouts as well as a honey beer and will contain gesho root, an ingredient found often in Ethiopian honey wines.




One response

28 06 2010
Johnny Automatic

It’s a shame that the current incarnation of PBR is popular. The old one based on a good German amber lager was actually quite good on tap. The current one is just another anonymous corporate beer. I think it got it’s blue collar, out of date reputation because they stuck with that old recipe while all the popular brands were going for “drinkability” as Bud so proudly crows about. Indeed it is the “ironic” choice around here. Every hipster joint has to have it as the discount alternative to all the craft brews they serve.

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