Monday Beer News Round-Up

19 07 2010

Silver Spring, MD- Discover Channel has announced an new show for their Fall 2010 line-up called “Brewed”. The show, hosted by Dogfish Head owner and brewer Sam Calagione, will explore the history and culture of beer around the world. Sam will travel from his Milton, Delaware, brewery to locations all over the world learning about origins of beer and different “extreme” style brewing techniques. In our opinion, Sam is an excellent choice as his brewery has made beers based on an ancient beer found in King Midas’ tomb, one that uses chai and super heated rocks, and one that includes ingredients from every continent on Earth.

Tokyo, Japan- Geishas, the costumed female companions of Japan, have begun serving beer to their clients as a low-cost alternative to the traditional green tea. Due to the downturn in the global economy, fewer and fewer businessmen and tourists are visiting the Geishas. As a way to draw customers to the tea gardens, they have begun offering less expensive packages which include a beer, snacks, and entertainment. Since initiating these bargain deals, the Geishas have found business pick up.

Los Angeles, CA- Playboy has announced their favorite bars of the year. The complete list includes their favorite bars, late night food spots and dives. Best dives include: The Big Hunt in Washington DC, Specs in San Francisco, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge in Nashville and The Subway Inn in New York City.




One response

19 07 2010

1st – I think you should intern for “Brewed.” 2nd – I better head over to Tooties one of these days, if Playboy tells me it is a good bar. I will send you photos.

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