Monday Beer News Round-Up

26 07 2010

Austin, TX- A company that specializes in bottling equipment has announced the first ever silicone bottle cap. The caps are reusable and act as a way to keep carbon dioxide in and dirt out. Patent is currently pending and they retail for $12.99 for 6. They fit all standard sized beer bottles and are dishwasher safe.

Washington, DC- The Beer Institute, whose members are brewers, retailers and distributors, doubled their Q2 lobbying spending from the quarter before to a $250,000. Money was spent to promote new laws on Federal Excise taxes (the tax brewers pay on their final product) as well as labeling standards and commerce policies. New laws proposed this quarter could explain the rise in lobbying as well as the annual brewers convention in Washington DC in June.

Chicago, IL- A month ago, we mentioned that President Obama fulfilled his beer bet with the UK’s Prime Minister over the U.S. v. England World Cup Match with a bottle of Goose Island 312. Apparently, that Presidential shout-out has helped increase the sales of “the Urban Wheat”. A spokesperson said that sales for 312 have grown to become the most popular beer Goose Island has. When the Prime Minister was asked how he liked the beer, he responded by saying while he enjoys his beers at a warmer temperature, he took the President’s advice to drink it cold. He enjoyed it so much, the Prime Minister apparently cheered for Germany during their game against Argentina.

Fraserburgh, Scotland- The fellas at Brew Dog have put an end to the extreme ABV challenge with their newest beer “The End of History.” Clocking in at an outrageous 55% (110 proof), this Ice-frozen Belgian Blonde made with Juniper berries and Scottish Highlands grasses is now the world record holder for the strongest beer in the world. Brew Dog made only 11 bottles that have all been sold for more than $700 a piece. On top of that, each bottle is decorated with a reconstructed taxidermy road killed rodent (some wearing clothing). Named after a Japanese post-modern political text about democracy and anarchy, this beer is a mini-treatise on the state of brewing.




2 responses

26 07 2010

You must have concocted that bit about Fraserburgh, Scotland, just to see if anyone was reading this. I mean, roadkill wearing kilts? 110 proof beer for $700? Juniper berries in Scotland? As your generation is so fond of saying, WTF?

26 07 2010

Gayle, I assure you this is very true. This week I am writing an editorial about Brew Dog and their penchant for the artistic.

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