5 Beers I am Saying “Goodbye” To For A While

9 09 2010

Earlier in the week, I posted 5 beers from the West Coast I am really excited about. You can read about them here. Today, I am sharing 5 beers I am really going to miss. These are beers from the East Coast/Mid-West that are not available here on the West Coast. It really is a bummer. But it gives me all the more reason to make it out East more often. And maybe, a good friend in the East would want to undergo an illicit beer trade with me?

1. Bell’s Beers-

Bell’s beers are amazing. How amazing? They consistently make into our best beers count downs. They almost always make our top five. Bell’s has been mentioned in our top Bocks, IPAs, and Wheats categories. They also have a boat load of other beers we have not yet reviewed. I am not sure how I will be able to tell when Spring has arrived without Oberon. Or how I will survive winter without Expedition Stout. Or how summer will be summer without Two Hearted. Bell’s is just heads and shoulders above so many beers, and I cannot get it here. What a bummer!

2. Founders Brewing

Founders is also one of my all time favorite beers. Last year, their Centennial IPA and Breakfast Stout were my number two and one favorite beers of the year respectively.  Their beers are amazing, innovative, and iconoclastic all at once. They have beautiful bottle art. And they are just well put together. In my mind, Founders can do no wrong. That is why I am so sad to see it go. I will miss you, Founders; particularly you Kentucky Breakfast Stout and your Double Trouble double IPA. Maybe someday, soon, I will make it out to Michigan and make a pilgrimage to you and Bell’s.

3. Heavy Seas-

Heavy Seas is the beer that put the “Charm” in “Charm City”. Their beers are big, playful, and tasty. The best part? The pirates. Definitely the pirates. Each beer is nautically themed (harkening back to the days when the Pirates and Buccaneers ruled the seas and the Eastern Seaboard). Their triple dry-hopped IPA did not make it on our best of Pale Ales and IPAs a few months back. And that was probably a mistake. So chewy and fully of hops, it is a deliciously big IPA. And their Imperial Stout sustained me through the Snowpocolypse a few months back. I am definitely going to miss Heavy Seas and their delicious 22 ounce Pyrate Fleet series with barrel aged barleywines, double and triple IPAs and other crazy concoctions.

4. Duck Rabbit-

They do things a little differently in the South. And for that reason, no one should be surprised by the work the Duck Rabbit brewey has been doing in North Carolina. Not quite English style ales and not quite American style ales, the malt forward but strongly hoppy beers are as enigmatic as the duck rabbit on their logo. Their Milk Stout is big, thick and black with a firm white head on its shoulders. And their brown ale has a large ammount of maple and nut but with a distinct hoppy twang of mint, spruce and citrus. All around a very interesting brewery taking charge of what they like and never apologizing for it.

5. D.G. Yuengling & Son-

Ok, So Yuengling may not be the best beer around. But it is the oldest. The Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania is the oldest continiously running brewery in the United States. Their success relies on decent beer sold for dirt cheap. Go to any party east of the Appalachians and there is a really good bet that there will be a twelve pack of Yuengling there. Go to a show or a bar and Yuengling will be the cheapest beer there, competing against PBR for the attention of people who want cheap beer. Its not that I am going to be wanting a Yuengling, per se. Its just that sometimes, when one wants a cheap beer that does not taste like water, yuengling is the way to go.




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