Just Look at These Handblown Beer Bottle Glasses!

3 06 2010

Just look at them!

Nick Paul of Windy City Glass hand blows beer bottles into beautiful, straight sided glasses. They are amazing. I personally like the Arrogant Bastard ones above. The Rogue Dead Guy Ale glasses with the matching growler ice bucket is pretty amazing, too! That would be pretty cool for some Halloween/Day of the Dead themed cocktails. And these Ice Cream Float glasses made from old Coca-Cola bottles rock my world.


Monday Beer News Round-Up

19 04 2010

Columbia, Missouri- Two employees from the city’s solid waste dump have been fired by salvaging over fifty cases of beer from being destroyed in the landfill. Apparently on April 1, 2010, some 1500(!) cases (18,000 bottles) of beer were taken to the landfill to be destroyed. After about half the cases were broken up, two employees (locally known as the “beeroes”) gathered up as much beer as they could in their trucks. The event, now known as “Operation Safe Suds” later got back to the guys in the main office who then fired the two employees for “stealing” the beer. There is now a movement to get the men their jobs back. Please post this picture around in solidarity of the patriots who lost their jobs in the name of saving beer.

Photo Credit: Treehugger.com

Boulder, Colorado- The Brewer’s Association released this week the top 50 breweries in America and the top 50 craft breweries in America. There are no real surprises this year. A-B still tops the overall list followed by MillerCoors and then Pabst, Yuengling, Boston Beer Co. round out the top 5. As for top craft breweries in the United States: Boston Beer Co., Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Spoetzl and Pyramid make up the top 5. Rankings are based on overall sales in 2009.

Aloha, Oregon- A 7-11 clerk was stabbed by a suspected beer robber. The clerk decided to chase after a man after he saw the suspect allegedly take half a case of beer. After catching up to the alleged thief, the clerk was stabbed in an altercation with the other man. The clerk survived the attack but was hospitalized. Police say the attacker is still at large and appreciate any information on the events in question. The police also say that in the case of a small burglary, such as this one, it is best to let the assailant go and let the professionals take care of it.

Indio, California- This weekend was the Coachella Music Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the United States (if not the world!). Linked here is a cute picture of Ms. Beyonce (Sasha Fierce herself) Knowles drinking a Heinekin backstage at her husband’s (Jay-Z) show. Not all that newsworthy. But fun nonetheless.

Just Look at This Beer Bottle Lamp!

20 03 2010

Just look at it!

Uncommon Goods

(via Uncommon Goods)

Here is another great way to display your favorite beer bottles. It fits a standard sized light bulb and holds six twelve ounce beer bottles. I could see a whole Stone or Speak Easy theme going into a lamp. $40 plus shipping and handling at The Uncommon Goods.

Just Look At These Beer Soaps!

10 02 2010

Just look at them!

The Beer Soap Company

I love handmade soap. Especially ones made with beer. During the soap making process, the alcohol burns off leaving a mild hoppy, fruity, yeasty smell. I got some from my folks for Christmas made with Yazoo beer. The one above is called “Ego” and is made with Stone Arrogant Bastard. The Beer Soap Company is having a Valentine’s Day Sale on their Six-Packs of soap.

Mmm…..beer soap!

Just Look At These Beer Bottle Glasses!

30 01 2010

Just look at them!

Photo Credit: bodhicitta Etsy.com

Bodhicitta at Etsy.com is offering these glasses made out of beer bottles. I think they are gorgeous! I would love to have ones made from Stone Arrogant Bastard and Speakeasy Prohibition Ale. Generally, the ones with silk screened labels would work best since they could stand up to the repeated washings.

There is a tutorial on how to do this on make.com. But I would need my crafting fairy godmother to bring me all the supplies to make it happen. It involves a lot of new tools that I don’t have.

Which bottles would you want to have?

When in Copenhagen: Environmentally Friendly Beers

19 12 2009

This week, the world’s leaders were in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were trying to figure out a deal that would help the nations cut down on their Carbon Dioxide (CO2). While a deal has been struck, there are differing opinions on the potential successes.

In the mean time, you can do your part by drinking these environmentally friendly beers. Here is a list of the 10 most enviornmentally friendly breweries (as judged by me.)

10. Full Sail Brewing– Hood River, OR- Full Sail was able to half its water usage as compared to the industry average. They have recently signed a contract to offset their CO2 emmisions through wind farms.

9. Otter Creek Brewing– Burlington, VT- This brewery uses local and organic malts and hops for their Wolavers line of beer. Each beer in their Farmers series is named after the farmer who grew the ingredients.

8. Peak Organic/Allagash Brewing Company– Portland, ME- Peak is the organic line of beers run by Allagash Brewing, a brewery run off of 100% wind power.

7. Anderson Valley Brewing Co.-Boonville, CA – Their brewery is 100% solar powered (just as it says on their bottle caps) and all their brewing equipment is reused from older breweries in Germany.

6. Odell’s Brewing Co.-Ft. Collins, CO- Bottles in 100% recycled glass and their six packs are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. They have offset all their electricity use. And only run their coolers during off-peak hours.

Top 5 after the Jump

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